Over the past year, Dharma Life has been activating its existing rural network of over 17,000 Dharma Life Entrepreneurs – trained change agents from within the community - to tackle the effects of the pandemic in a holistic way. Through their ‘We for Village’ Alliance, they have focussed efforts on creating awareness, addressing basic needs and improving economic conditions on ground. The program is active across 14 States reaching over 500K households.

Till date, Dharma Life has conducted 8281 digital home visits; facilitated 410 doctor consultations, and 3471 vaccinations.

The second wave of the pandemic has been even more devastating in India, with the health system close to collapsing under the strain of so many people requiring hospital care others unable to access life-saving care and running out of oxygen. At this time, Dharma Life is focussing efforts on:

1. Saving Lives - Information and awareness generation (on prevention, vaccination), and addressing unmet needs (including delivery of essential goods and linkage to medical assistance)

2. Securing Livelihoods - Focus on building long-term resilience through skilling and livelihood opportunities, delivered predominantly via our technology / digital capabilities

3. Systemic Support - Helping other key organisations connect to the villages, and creating a two-way communication channel / linkages between rural communities and the outside world

Dharma Life has accelerated its DLEs to help the poorest and most vulnerable people as they face the rising of infections. We are working relentlessly to deliver much needed assistance to slow down the spread of the virus and help protect village communities from its economic impact.
Your help to save lives and communities has never been more important. Write to us on covidresponse@dharmalifefoundation.org to collaborate or with details of your requirement.

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COVID-19 Resources (The
Truck Series):
A series inspired by the unique art that is found on the back of trucks in India, to spread key messages on COVID-19 awareness and prevention in coordination with the NITI Aayog, Government of India. Click on the link below to access all the creatives and use them to bolster your COVID response efforts. VIEW ALL CREATIVES >


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